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Birte Decloux

Urban Options Planning & Permits is owned and operated by Birte Decloux. She was a Land Use Planner with the City of Kelowna where she managed over 500 application files. Over that period, it was apparent that many of the applications were ill-prepared and incomplete creating approval delays. Seeing the frustration and confusion that people felt dealing with the legislation and the application process, she knew there was a real need in the industry for someone to step in and be an advocate to facilitate the process. Having seen the process from the inside - City's perspective and knowing exactly what needs to be done and what it takes to submit a successful application, she realised she could use her highly specialized knowledge to help people thru an intimidating hurdle to their development dreams.

Birte’s lifelong motivator has been a quest for knowledge which has prompted her to immerse herself in distinct careers, hobbies and activities. The result is a diverse career path that has lead to different opportunities, an understanding of various fields and a multifaceted perspective. Her training and experience over the years have given her a unique and highly developed skill set with respect to urban planning, community consensus building, facilitating negotiations, motivation and cooperation.

At Urban Options we have the skill and knowledge to create complete applications, shortening the approval time and reducing frustration.

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