Rezone for Duplex

Project Details

Location: 1285 Graham Road, Kelowna
Process: Rezone & Development Permit
Designer: IHS Designs

Urban Options - Comments

The property was zoned RU1 – Large Lot Housing and we were successful in rezoning it to the RU6- Two Dwelling housing to facilitate the construct of a duplex. Urban Options role included preparation of the application, liaising with City Officials, negotiation pertaining to design guideline and representation at the Public Hearing.

Working with the owner and designer, the exterior has been carefully designed to complement neighbouring properties. The front facade features simple roof lines with one unit stepped back from the other creating some articulation and visual interest. The front doors are identified with porches and columns. The rear elevation is two full storeys in height with private raised decks. All parking is located in garages or on the two driveways. Both the rezoning and development permit were successful allowing the owner to construct these homes that are the start to upgrading the area.

Residential Rezoning & Development Permit
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