2 Lot Subdivision

Project Details

Location: 875 Graham Road, Kelowna
Process: Rezone, Preliminary Layout Review & Subdivision
Client: Lakeside Land Development Corp.
Surveyor: Runnalls Denby

Urban Options - Comments

An analysis was completed to determine the highest use and development potential at this site.We rezoned the property to the RU2 & Ru2c zones to allow future constructions of a single family dwelling & carriage house on one new lot and a single family dwelling on the second lot.

Client Review

Urban Options has proven an irreplaceable resource within our business model. Each of our Land and Heritage project is vetted through Urban Options to ensure feasibility, due diligence and strategy. Birte has our gratitude and respect. She and her team have a proven track record of results and above expectation service. -Christopher Blake | Lakeside Land Development Corp.

Residential Rezoning & Subdivision Permits
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